Erasmus+ Connection

Erasmus + Connection" is a Seminar taking place in Vinci, Italy, from 31st May to 7th of June 2014.


20 participants from 10 countries (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Lithuania) will gather with the aim to evaluate former cooperation along the Youth in Action Programme, promote discussion on the current European issues, discuss the next youth communitary programme and define a future cooperation strategy from 2014 to 2020.


The Seminar is organized by Associazione Agrado, with the cooperation of the Municipality of Vinci and other organizations.

It has been approved by the Italian National Agency, which manages the European Programme "Youth in Action"- (Action 4.3).

It is co-financed by European Commission.     

Reference number : IT-43-E214-2013-R3

Via Villa Alessandri, 3

50059 Vinci (FI) - Italy


Mobile: +39 347 6151141


Facebook: Associazione Agrado